Are you familiar with WhiteWash products?

Are you familiar with WhiteWash products?

Today I’d like to introduce you to the products of WhiteWash Laboratories. Some of you may not know this brand yet, but it is important that you learn about the quality products available in the market in order to make your choices wisely, whether you’re a dentist or just someone concerned with your oral health!

This brand was originally developed by UK dentists, which is a great asset – the products reflect their practical needs. And the truth is that WhiteWash stands out by their quality and innovation, having won several awards since its creation!

Additionally, this is a modern brand, a feature reflected not only in their design and the way they have been evolving so far, but also in their sense of social responsibility. Right from its start, WhiteWash launched a very interesting campaign named Brush For a Brush, where for every purchase product, they pledged to donate a toothbrush. It might seem obvious to you that we all have a toothbrush at home, right? Well, that’s not an universal truth around the globe and WhiteWash is well aware of that! And it would be great if several other companies would follow their footsteps.

If you navigate through their website, you’ll find a wide range of products. Presently, this is not a well-known brand, as opposed to several others we’re familiar with when going to the supermarket. But at the White Clinic® we do have several of their products. Their great value resides mainly in their teeth whitening care, which range from the toothpaste to the toothbrush, amongst other products.

I’ve told you about teeth whitening in a previous article, as it is one of the features that mostly influences people’s opinion about what a beautiful smile really is. More and more people are increasingly concerned with their oral health and the aesthetics of their smile, and this can easily be seen by the number of people who try teeth whitening.

So, if this is also a concern of yours, I strongly advise you to try!


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