Another case of Life-changing Dentistry

Another case of Life-changing Dentistry

Today I present you another clinical case of life-changing dentistry, involving several teeth extractions. Concerns with her oral health, functionality and aesthetics were the three main reasons leading this female patient to come looking for us at the White Clinic®. And of course, our first goal was to provide her with the best medical care possible and the beautiful smile that she desired.

In the past, the extraction of so many teeth would have a tremendous negative impact on someone’s life. Not only physically but also socially and psychologically. Especially for a woman! But today, with the evolution of Dentistry, the White Clinic®‘s pioneering and cutting-edge technological and technical surgical procedures, teeth extraction and the placement of implants can really transform someone’s smile and happiness, helping to turn their life for the best!

So, after a thorough clinical and technological 3D digital examination, the proposed treatment plan for this included the extraction of 6 teeth in the upper jaw and 7 on the lower jaw, followed by a guided surgery to place the teeth implants and a full fixed prosthesis. Nowadays, with the evolution in Dentistry, teeth replacement is relatively easy. That is mainly due to the existence of increasingly biocompatible implants, with increasingly anatomic designs and therefore with a higher final success rate.

So, after the teeth extraction, the bone is prepared for the placement of the implant. This is a very fast and painless procedure, and it only needs local anesthesia, identical to the one we use when treating dental caries. Through a surgical procedure, a pillar is placed on the dental implant, in order to hold the new crown. This new crown is then placed upon this pillar, reestablishing the tooth’s function and aesthetics.

Additionally, we also restored the patient’s confidence, giving her back a full smile and making her feel years younger! Knowing that patients are increasingly seeking cosmetic answers and fixed restorations, I must say that dental implants are the ideal option to replace one or more missing teeth!!


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*The patients consented to have their pictures published to illustrate each clinical case.


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