An Instant Smile

An Instant Smile

Today I bring you a brand new case of Life-changing Dentistry we did at White Clinic®. This time we treated a 60 year-old woman who had been missing teeth for many, many years. She used a full denture on her top and bottom jaw.
One of the inconvenient of dentures is that they move around a lot and can create discomfort for the patient. Also, if you ever have to go and do tests in the hospital they always ask you to remove your dentures, leaving the patient with nothing and instantly looking very, very old. And for a woman, who is still a very active part of society, this can be a terrifying ordeal!

Luckily, this patient was submitted to a fully guided surgery using only four implants on the top and four implants on the bottom, with an immediate 3D printed dental structure.

The use of four implants to avoid grafting new bone in the back, because this woman was missing bone in the posterior regions, is not new. For almost 20 years now, people have been using this technology. It was actually developed by another Portuguese dentist many years ago.

However, it is my firm belief that this technique should only be applied in cases where the patient cannot afford or does not want to do bone regeneration, which is not the case at White Clinic®. About 90% of our patients prefer to place more bone, so that they can place more implants, which is always the best solution.

In this case, the patient did not have the financial capacity or the bone required for this type of surgery, so we decided to do something quite simple and fast and predictable. Using computers and CAT scans, we designed her new smile using only digital technology, based on her photographs, her intraoral scans and X-rays. With this, we designed her new smile and 3D printed surgical guides as you can see in the photos.

The whole surgery took under 30 minutes. As you can see, there are no sutures, we did not have to cut her open, this is incredibly comfortable for the patient. And it took under one and a half hours between the first photograph and the second photograph, of her having no teeth to having a full set of fixed teeth screwed on to her new implants. There was no downtime and that evening she went home and had dinner.

In about six months time, we’ll replace these temporary 3D printed structures with hand crafted ceramic structures to give her a lot more aesthetics for many years to come.

And this was another case of Life-Changing Dentistry using the concept of Digital Dentistry!


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*The patients consented to have their pictures published to illustrate each clinical case.


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