An ambassador for solidarity

An ambassador for solidarity

Today, I would like you to meet Teresa Rodrigues, a young woman who’s impressed me with her attitude and proactivity at such a young age. Her life journey and social motivations have led me to invite her to become the ambassador of my solidarity project “What makes you smile?”. And she accepted my invitation.

Teresa Rodrigues is a student at Oeiras International School. She is now in her first year of the International Bachelorette, where she has to develop a CAS project (CAS – Creativity, Action and Service). It’s really a pity that the Educational System doesn’t lead students to develop skills such as Teresa is developing in her journey. There are crucial values that the Educational System doesn’t yet promote actively, which would make a huge difference in the world.

How many youngsters her age can actually say they participated in humanitarian projects abroad? How many of them can say they helped build wells in Africa or build houses in Peru? How many can actually say they have the ambition to study Law in order to invest her future in Human International Relations, so that she can reshape the world we live in?

Teresa’s résumé has been fully focused on humanitarian projects. For all the above reasons and all the support she’s been giving me lately in the development of this project, I felt it was time to give her the well-deserved credits.

We shouldn’t forget the future rests on these youngsters, who reveal a contagious energy and drive at such an unexpected young age. If we want to be part of something bigger, this merit and due credits should be highlighted and driven!


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