All hands on deck! We need more to fight these fires.

All hands on deck! We need more to fight these fires.

For over a decade I’ve always wondered why the Portuguese government didn’t do more to fight the terrible fires that devastate our country year after year!

We have a strong young, active military that is just sitting in their barracks. Portugal has no real history of war in the last hundred years, and, despite having highly trained young military personnel, one of our major national assets is attacked by fire, which I consider to be a lethal force, each and every year!

Most of these fires are set by arsonists for financial or personal gain, and it would be wonderful to see our military more present in our forest and in the countryside to protect this wonderful, national treasure we have, which is our landscape.

Setting fire is a criminal act that has to be stopped! We have a lot of human resources in Portugal and this has come to a point where really all hands on deck are needed. The firefighters are tired and can’t do much more, so one would think it to be natural to engage the military.

Our firefighters are being true heroes and I hope, for everyone’s sake, that this is the last year Portugal has to deal with such a tragedy!


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