About the MegaGen Symposium in Moscow

About the MegaGen Symposium in Moscow

I’m super excited for the MegaGen Symposium, which will happen next April 16th and 17th, in Moscow. The line-up of speakers is absolutely incredible and I am truly humbled to be invited to this incredible panel, full of such amazing names!

We’ll be discussing new ways of looking at our field of implant dentistry.


In Moscow, I’ll be lecturing on the challenges beyond Osteointegration and the concept of Life-changing Dentistry.


I am also looking forward to stroll around the city in pursuit of its cultural offer. Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral in the Kremlin, the Red Square, the Bolshoi, and also taking the subway, which is an amazing experience. Moscow is really an exciting city!

So I hope to be able to not only catch up on the new technologies and innovative ideas in Dentistry, but also to live all the emotions and thrills of this wonderful city. To give us a glimpse of the Russian glamour, there’ll be some dancing at our first night at MegaGen.

Looking forward to it!


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