Team White is surfing. Go Team White!

Team White is surfing. Go Team White!

It’s true, there’s a Team White surfing now!

This year White Clinic® supports three promising young surfers in their surf competitions – and not only in Portugal but also abroad.

This sponsorship is a collaboration with Xhapeland – a Portuguese company that makes high quality surf boards, and I strongly advise you to visit their website to see the brands they produce!

I must tell you that even though this area is not directly related to dentistry, my goal is to really motivate our athletes, by helping them to get farther and make them smile! Besides, surf is a wonderful sport, so close to nature and the beauty of the oceans, something I truly love.

So let me introduce you to Mariana, Francisco and Vasco (the three youngsters from Team White). There is nothing better than to listen to what they have to say on this subject!

Additionally, I’ll leave you the link to their Instagram page and ask you to wait for the interview I’ll be posting soon!


A Team White do Surf!


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