A powerful video about the future we should try to avoid

A powerful video about the future we should try to avoid

My friends and family know that I’m the kind of person who absorbs the energy from the world around me! Every day, I wake up in this beautiful world and I remind myself of the things I wish, the things I care for and the things that I believe in!

There are many places in this world that inspire me deeply. Diversity and change are great for spirited people, to regain energies and see outside the box.

Nowadays, everybody says that travelling is the best thing in the world and everybody seems to love the beach. Year after year, we just want the winter to go away and soon we start to make exercise and go to the beach as much as we can. Isn’t it true?

But the point is: can you imagine a world where you cannot go to the beach?

Can you imagine a summer without stepping into the water and feeling the warm sunlight in your skin?

Well, I cannot! But if you don’t quite understand what I’m saying, maybe you should see the powerful video I’m sharing below! Believe it or not, it shows us our future if we don’t start to change our behaviour towards the world!

And yes, we would be pretty boring people without the colourful world that brought us to life.



Think about that!


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