A happy mother’s smile

A happy mother’s smile

Today I’d like to tell to you about a new case of Life-Changing Dentistry that we had here at the White Clinic®. This is the case of a patient who came to us because she was worried about her oral health and, having giving birth to her second child recently, she felt it was time for a change!

The truth is we know that the bacteria living in our mouth can be easily passed on from mother to infant, so our patient’s necessity to take better care of her oral care was perfectly normal. Besides, it never hurts when we make sure we are taking care of ourselves in the best possible way!

So of course we welcomed this mother and were very receptive to her request, which was easily done.

It’s never enough to remind you that oral care should start in the first months of life! Even before the baby starts teething we advise mothers to pass a moist gauze on the baby’s gums, at least once a day.

Early childhood is the right time to get kids used to taking care of their teeth, making it a habit shared by the whole family. That’s definitely the right attitude to have in an education focused on prevention! Children learn a lot by example and our patient’s worries must be praised!

This is another case where dentistry can really make a difference! Having a beautiful smile is also a health matter and our patient left the White Clinic® beaming and sure of having preserved her health and that of the one she loves most.

*The patients consented to have their pictures published to illustrate each clinical case.


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