A few words to my young readers

A few words to my young readers

These past few months it seems like the world got a little bit crazier. And I think that, even when we’re so far removed from the actual tragedies, they still weigh upon us everyday.

Don’t get me wrong: they should weigh upon us, because the day we become desensitized to tragedy is the day evil wins! But I also think we have to say no to fear, no to unhappiness, no to the violence of it all. So, I’m writing this for all my young readers, who think they may not have a future after all.

You will have a future, and it will be bright! We can’t put a hold on our lives just because everything seems to be upside down. Actually, the only way to make things right, little by little, is by keeping on and being mind and positive. 

The path to where you want to go can be walked simply by putting one foot in front of the other. That’s all you have to do: move forward!

Things may seem a little rickety right now, but that can’t stop you from chasing your dreams and turning them into reality.

Keep on going!

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