#6 For me, what is a beautiful smile?

#6 For me, what is a beautiful smile?

One of the most beautiful things about a smile is that no two smiles are alike. Each person has a different smile, not only in shape, colour, and teeth size, but also in the way they smile and how that smile is a part of that person’s expression. Besides, our tastes differ from one person to the other, so what I may consider a gorgeous smile, might not be so to many people.

Of course that as a Dentist, I look at a smile in a less naà¯ve way! In addition to all the emotions a smile encompasses, I can’t help but observe it in a technical way, look at the scientific side of the issue. Anyway, it’s something I think all Dentists can identify with: we just can’t help it!

I invite you all to take a minute to think about what you consider to be a beautiful smile and what it means to you. I’m sure that just like me, you’ll be surprised by a much deeper and emotional meaning than you’d have thought at first sight!



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