12th SENAME International Dental Congress

12th SENAME International Dental Congress

The 12th SENAME International Dental Congress – The South European North African Middle Eastern Implantology and Modern Dentistry Society – was held in Portugal for the first time, on the 17, 18 and the 19th September. As a representative of Portugal at the society’s board, I was pleased with the invitation to organize this year’s event at Estoril, and have some of the major international specialists in the area.

I, who have lived at Cascais ever since I was 9, have felt an increased responsibility for bringing this event to Portugal – in addition to the will of promoting a scientific symposium of excellence, the will to show Portugal (and, more specifically the place where I grew up) to my colleagues and peers has also become one of my goals. I honestly don’t think they felt disappointed with all the sun that shone through and the sea, just one step away.

Thus, we’ve decided to dedicate this year’s event to the future of Dentistry,

never forgetting this group’s main purpose: to develop communication and knowledge between the 17 Mediterranean countries that were present at the event, from Portugal to Albania, our most recent member.

I think we can fulfill this goal, which echoes in Prof. Gilberto Sammartino’s vision, the president of SENAME. In his opening speech at Centro de Congressos do Estoril [Estoril Congress Centre] – which he insisted to deliver in Portuguese, keeping with the tradition – he thanked Portugal highlighting its History and the Portuguese “solar optimism”, underlining the lectures’ level as well as the Young Podium, an event inserted the Congress, which invited 17 young Dentists from all over the Mediterranean to present their clinical cases.

I cannot help but also mention the two solidarity organizations present at the event whose values I treasure deeply. Operation Smile and Associação Mundo a Sorrir elevate the profession to a higher level and I can only feel grateful for existing (to learn more about each of these organizations, read the post I dedicated them here.

The whole ceremony was undoubtedly a success. The interaction between colleagues from all over the world, the anticipation of the next lecture and the expectations on the innovation and difference it might bring to Dentistry and the interconnection of ideas and values, constitutes what I would call our own language: Dentists are smile doctors and a smile was, is, and always will be a common dialect.


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